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Nahanni Ackroyd, B.A., M.Ed., CFP®

Certified Financial Planner®
Investment Representative
Freedom 55 Financial

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The Canada Pension Plan

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is an important part of any retirement plan. But most people I talk to tell me they have no idea if they’ve qualified or how much they’ll get. They’re not counting on it being available when they retire, so they’ve never looked at it.

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Money and the Older Adult

This episode takes a candid look at Money and the Older Adult and offers tips on how to save and prepare for retirement.

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Time to RRIF

If you’ve turned 71 this year, and you have RRSPs, happy birthday and it’s time to RRIF!

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Happy Seniors’ Month!

As we get older, our financial needs change. Much of our income becomes ‘fixed’ – from government sources, pension plans and RRIFs. With some planning, you can have a separate fund for bigger one-time expenses such as vacations, roof repairs or health emergencies.

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Gifts for grandchildren

Do you want to give money to your grandchildren while you’re still alive? There are many ways you can give money while bypassing your will.

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Will I have enough?

This is almost always the first question clients ask about retiring. The good news: it’s relatively easy to figure out if you’ll have enough.

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Can I retire ?

It’s no wonder that summer vacations lead to questions about retirement. You’re relaxed and having fun, sleeping in or getting lots done. Taking a break from work and your usual routine may spark some questions about whether you really have to go back to work. Having an honest look at your expectations in retirement is an important part of this process. </p>

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